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pydis – A redis clone in Python 3 to disprove some falsehoods about performance

I developed pydis in two days to disprove some of the falsehoods about performance and optimisation regarding software and interpreted languages in particular.

Unfortunately many programmers, due to their lack of experience, of some knowledge of computer architecture(s), or of an in-depth understanding of the task they are given, spend countless hours by making life harder for themselves in the name of marginal performance gains, often trading many other conveniences (such as type safety, garbage collection, etc) too.

pydis is < 250 lines of idiomatic Python code, providing a subset of redis’ functionality for which there are official benchmarks, and yet it’s ~60% as fast as Redis measured in number operations per second.

Remember, man-hours are more expensive that cpu-time.


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Closed-Form Expression to Calculate n-th Fibonacci Number

A more interesting way to find nth Fibonacci number.

Fibonacci sequence is a prime example in teaching recursion to newcomers, and a great opportunity to brag if your language supports Tail Call Optimization, but it often goes unnoticed that there is a closed-form expression which lets us find the nth Fibonacci number with great ease and in much faster way. This article will present the expression, and explain -step by step- its derivation using high-school mathematics.

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