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Marketing is a State of Mind, not an Afterthought

Marketing, due to its historical luggage, is gravely misunderstood by many people as something to be done to increase the sales of a product (i.e. promoting), whereas it should instead be understood as a strategical process, which is never done but continuing as long as the producer exists. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a solo free-software developer, or an indie game-dev, as long as you are a producer, you -presumably- must be working for your products to be used/consumed/bought by people (unless -of course- you are an artist, then you might want to abstain from the consideration of your audience). It is clear then, that marketing is crucial simply if you do not want your work to get wasted. You do need marketing.

Philip Kotler
Philip Kotler

If this post manages to wet your appetite, you should absolutely check Marketing: An Introduction by Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler et al. It is a 640 pages-long book, and as it indicates, there is no way for anyone to even briefly summarise -yet alone cover– marketing thoroughly. What you are reading is (a) written by a student, and (b) is a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction: think of it as a stimulus.

I’ll mention 3 different (simplified) eras each industry goes (or already went) through, so that you can understand where most of the misconceptions about marketing came from, and then I will explain how the modern approach to marketing makes more sense in today’s context – assuming that the industry you are working in is already matured; this will make more sense once you read the post.

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