2 thoughts on “Object System (an Object Oriented Approach to the File Systems)

  1. Mark Ramirez

    Glad to find your Blog.

    I also have some work on a “ObjectSystem” or “Object Oriented File System”.

    I have tried to start a “ObjectSystem” from stratch, but, changed to extending an existing “FileSystem” ( Windows, Unix Based, etc. ) into Object Orientation.

    Never have the time to show my data in a blog.

    Good Luck !!!

    1. Bora M. Alper Post author

      I am very happy to see that you are interested!

      I have tried to start a “ObjectSystem” from stratch,

      I didn’t want to get into technical (implementation) details but -at least at the beggining- designing an overlay system (like WinFS) will be much easier.

      I am very interested in your results and experiences, so you can write an e-mail if you want!


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