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Commandments for University/College Applicants

After messing up my university applications, I have decided to create a list for fellow UWC Dilijan students to get rid of the glooming feeling of regret, but I guess the list might be equally useful for other UWCers, as well as IB students and others who are planning to study abroad.

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Some Advice to Those Who Will Serve Time in a UWC

or Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started UWC Dilijan

It has been one and a half year since I have started studying in Dilijan and it has been only one semester that I can confidently say that I have been mentally and emotionally stable. There are many things that you realize in your third term when everything is kind of done and that makes you realize what have you done wrong in the past, or what you could have done better. Take this prose as a honest reflection and a sincere advice to those who will serve time in a UWC.

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At the Dawn of Second Month in UWC Dilijan, Alaverdi

It’s hard to believe that I just spent my two months in a small town of Armenia, Dilijan. It was no different than a dream to study at UWC one year ago but today when I look back, I can see that how life-changing it was for me to come here and it just begun.

Tonight we arrived to our college back, from a three days two nights long journey to a small town near Georgian border, Alaverdi. It’s known by having the steepest cable car in the Soviet-era and the copper mine that supplied the high demands of the Union. There are also lots of old monasteries and churches but we only had chance to visit a few of them.

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