Self-shoot with Ei-ichi Negishi

Meeting Nobel Laureates

I’ve just realized that it has been three months since I attended Nobel Days in Yerevan and didn’t write anything about it. This is an attempt to make up for it.

We had an amazing opportunity to have a special meeting with Ei-ichi Negishi to hear his story from himself personally, and to ask (cliché) questions to him. I expected him to be (quite rightfully) at least a bit arrogant as a Nobel laureate, but quite surprised to find such an humble person (humbler than some teachers I’ve had.) He also made me think about what the driving motive of an individual should be: his dedication to science, and his commitment to his research cannot be the result of anything else but a child-like curiosity to ask, an uncontaminated love to move you forward, and a strong will with an immense will-power to keep you on the track. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic he still was when he was talking about science, even after all those years spent in laboratories.

A signed badge from Ei-ichi Negishi!

We also listened Ada Yonath’s talk, but since there is a huge gap between me, and biology and chemistry, it was just like a really nice presentation about something really cool. I admire her presentation skills though, for she kept the crowd awake and interested despite the stuffy overcrowded conference hall.

Nobel Laureates in UWC Dilijan

After leaving Yerevan for the school, we received 5 Nobel laureates in our school. When it was over, I’ve decided to eat a pizza in Dolmama and saw all of them going there for wine and dine. I can quite rightfully claim that I’ve (kinda) had dinner with 5 Nobel laureates in the same restaurant at the same time!


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