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Using LLVM’s IR for semi-compiled packages

As many other things that comes into my mind between 1-3 AM, this is also a bit blurry.

I was thinking about the possibility of utilizing LLVM’s Intermediate Representation to pre-compile packages into an intermediate language which is high level enough, and yet with its dense bitcode representation, can easily shorten compile times by reducing the time that is spent on parsing, analyzing and intermediate code generation.

Distros such as Gentoo can benefit from to a great extent I believe, but as I don’t know how their system works, I can not elaborate about the details. Also any open source project, that doesn’t provide pre-built packages, can at least use this method to shorten build times of their users.

I’ll think about it, to come up with an idea.

What Can We Do Against Unethical Content on Decentralized Systems?


With the emerge of increasing state&corporate surveillance and censorship, there
is an opposite reaction: Decentralization.

As our technological capabilities developed, our techniques are evolving too. Formerly, there were central servers and clients; then we created distributed architectures, where everyone (with enough resources) can build up a server. After, P2P is born; but some of them were not completely decentralized(BitTorrent), and the ones which completely decentralized(Freenet, Retroshare, …) are slow for daily usage.

But this will change.

We are developing strong cryptography software, creating overlay networks and even building a new network infrastructure. It gets harder, harder and harder to control these things but this comes with some negative effects.
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